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Summer Collab

We're teaming up with boundary-breaking beauty activist Nabela for a self-love celebration in mani form.

Summer Collab Images

The Into You Box

Our limited edition summer Studio Box has all 7 new polish shades and all of our at-home mani essentials.
New Limited-Edition Poppy in Lilac
New Limited-Edition Ombré Studio Box
New Limited-Edition Ombré Pouch

Regular price $88
Superbloom bottles
Superbloom bottles

Say Hello to
the Into You Set

Our 7 new polishes + Top Coat

Regular price $64

Which Polish Are You?

About the COllab

We're all about loving yourself and expressing yourself in all the ways that make you feel like your best self. Because when you're into you, the whole world is too.

Meet Nabela

Nabela Noor is known as a boundary breaking beauty activist and entrepreneur. Nabela is also the Founder and CEO of the lifestyle brand Zeba, before evolving into the brand you see today, Zeba was a movement all about body celebration and self-love.

“This collaboration with Olive & June symbolizes the crossover between two brands and communities that are committed to promoting unapologetic and unconditional self-love and self-expression.This collab is all about YOU! The strong, beautiful and confident person behind the nails.”
Nabela Noor

Give Back

For every Heart Nailfie you post, we’re donating $1 to the Professional Beauty Association Covid-19 Relief Fund. Here’s how it works:

1. Paint your nails with your favorite color.

2. Draw a heart on your hand with marker, lipstick, eyeshadow — anything you want!

3. Share your nailfie and tag us @oliveandjune & @zeba

We can’t wait to see your manis!