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Meet the Mani System

mani system
  • 1 Straight-edge NAIL CLIPPER
  • 2 Dual-grit NAIL FILE
  • 3 Salon-quality NAIL BUFFER
  • 4 Acetone-free POLISH REMOVER POT
  • 5 Mani-perfecting CLEAN UP BRUSH
  • 6 Limited edition ROSE POPPY
  • 7 Award-winning CUTICLE SERUM
  • 9 Olive you a LATTE MUG
  • PLUS long-lasting, 7-free polish of your choice
right hand with polish left hand with polish

Real results from the system

"These were my nails/cuticles a few weeks before I got my first O&J mani system! I was very skeptical of the whole "training your cuticles", clearly I had no idea how amazing the outcome would be! "
- Jennie

"I was a lifelong nail biter and skin picker! My nails look the best they ever have! Finally, at the age of 55, I have found a system that works!"
- Jamie E.

"O&J has allowed me to go from enjoying having polish on my nails to having incredible manis that I did myself. The bootcamp videos taught me SO MUCH and the tools that SGT has designed make it so easy to have absolutely perfect nails"
- Allie M.

"During the pandemic, I stopped going to nail salons and gave myself messy mani’s. After 6 months with O&J, I learned that my cuticles just needed love and training and I could be a damn good painter."
- Ali G.

"This Nail Polish Lasts So Long That It’s Almost Kind of Freaky"


Shaped with clippers, file and buffer. Perfectly painted with the poppy. Long lasting top coat. Daily hydration with cuticle serum.