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The Summer 2020 Set

The Summer 2020 Set

Long Lasting Polish

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7 colors of our 7-free, long-lasting polish that put self-expression at your fingertips. With names that honor our many moods and aspects within all of us, this is about more than acceptance — it’s about celebration.

This set includes:

  • Wild & Free - fierce coral
  • Sweet & Gracious - juicy orange
  • Honest & True - serene blue
  • Bright & Focused - beaming yellow
  • Grateful & Kind - pure pink
  • Fierce & Loving - fresh lilac
  • Bold & Unshaken - bold purple
  • Super Glossy Top Coat - long-lasting shine

    • Plump gel-like finish
    • Lasts up to 10 days
    • No lamp needed, easy removal
    Create Your Own Ombré


    Fan brush for easy painting

    Salon-quality color payoff


    Vegan &

    "This brand finally figured out how you can give yourself the perfect mani"

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