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Poppy is our patented, universal polish bottle handle that makes painting your nails easier, faster, and more fun than ever before. It works by stabilizing your non-dominant hand.

Poppy is made of super soft silicone and was designed with industrial engineers. It fits on top of almost every nail polish bottle (not just ours) and helps reduce shaking and give you a comfy grip as you paint. Poppy also has the perfect weight to help steady your hands.

To use Poppy, first pop off the overcap on our polish by pulling straight up and off. Next, find the flat side of the brush. The flat side of the brush is the wider, fan-shaped side of the brush. Once you've found the flat side, place the brush back in the bottle (don't twist it back in, just place it in the bottle).

Next, line up the flat side of the brush with the flat side of Poppy. Pop on Poppy by shimmying it on top of the cap, leaving a little bit of the white innercap visible.

If you’re using one of our newer bottles (Summer 21 and onwards), the inner cap of our polish has a handy marker to designate where the flat side of the brush is. With these brushes, you can slide Poppy right on top, no need to find the brush side first.

If you pushed too hard, the brush might be stuck inside Poppy and you'll need to wiggle it out. Ask a friend or use tweezers if it's really stuck in there.

Then you're ready to start painting! Poppy was originally designed to rest in the palm of your hand but experiment with different placements to find the most comfortable position for you.

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