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Sheer polish is either something you already know and love… or something you haven’t given a fair chance and are about to love. Because the truth is: Sheer polish is very underrated. And I get it. In a world of Brights, Neons, and Moody Mani’s… Sheers can seem a tad BOR.ING. 

I like to think of Sheers as the lipgloss of nail polish because they can be worn alone OR layered. Sheers can also be incredibly glowy, buildable, functional, AND customizable. And if you have trouble with some of your favorite hard to paint double black diamond shades (think GH, HGC, HD), Sheers might just be your new BFF helping you look like a legit pro.  Have I convinced you yet? No? Hear me out… 

Roll Call! 

Let’s meet the Sheers:

  1. EC - A nourishing sheer peach for glossy, high shine mani. Created with Flora Complex, our proprietary blend of good-for-  you ingredients for healthy, strong nails. Similar to: If “BI” was a sheer.
  2. BEB - A sheer white for a fresh take on a classic mani. Similar to: If “HD” was a sheer.
  3. CCT - A sheer pink that makes a soft, feminine statement. Similar to: If “GH” was a sheer.
  4. CHM - A sheer tan that flatters everyone, can be worn anywhere, and looks good every single time. Similar to: If “MM” was a sheer.

How to use Sheers:

  1. As is: Use them as as a sheer wash of color that will make your nails look healthy and gorgeous with just a *hint* of color. This might be a nice option if you work in an industry that doesn’t allow nail polish or bold colors, but you simply can’t go without. We won’t tell!  In most cases 1 coat will look close to a naked nail. While building up 3 - 4 THIN coats will appear more pigmented, but not fully opaque. Note: “CHM” is the most buildable sheer that gives the most color payoff.  
  2. As a Treatment: “EC” is out here doing the MOST because it’s both a color AND a treatment. As mentioned above, EC has Flora Complex to promote strong healthy nails. You can sneak this under ANY polish (apply as your first coat) to give your nails a healthy boost. Sometimes when I’m taking a “polish break” (purposely in quotes because I almost never take a polish break), I’ll go all in with the Nail Strengthener AND “EC” because they are a Dream Team for nails that need a little extra TLC. 
  3. As a base coat under a dark/bright polish to prevent staining: You might be thinking: “Wait, I thought I didn’t need a base coat with Olive and June Polishes”?  Gold Star goes to you because You’re Right!  Our polishes have a base coat built into the color, so technically you don’t need one. BUT, sometimes you WANT one. And that might be because some of the darker or brighter polishes can stain your nails. While staining is actually a healthy way of your nail plate absorbing (or catching) the color so it doesn’t absorb into our bodies (Thank You body!), you might not like the look of stained nails if you take polish breaks (again, this isn’t me). You can layer ANY color under a polish. But Might I suggest A). “EC” because see above: Hello treatment! OR B). Your least used sheer. Maybe you have a sheer that you love using alone or to compliment Nail Art (keep reading below).  I wouldn’t waste a favorite that you’re not going to actually see under a mani. But maybe you’re a mani minimalist and you actually love that 1 sheer can do it all for you. 
  4. As a layer over/under a French Mani OR Nail Art: Sometimes you need a polish to take a back seat to let nail art SHINE. And a Sheer is JUST that polish.  Whether you’re painting a French tip mani or doing bold nail art, you have a friend in any Sheer that will happily take a back seat to your creativity. 
  5. To Layer over Colors: Custom mani’s Thank You very much! I could write and defend an entire thesis statement on this topic alone. So let me get to the point. Do you love the nuance of colors? Do you love JM (a mid tone pink) but wish it was just a tad lighter? Enter Sheers! Experiment by laying a sheer over any color to knock back or tweak the color a bit. And Boom: You’ve created your own custom shade. Any Sheer can come to play, but “EC” and “CCT” are the most universal sheers that play well with others. “BEB” and “CHM” are a tad more pigmented and work better with mid-tone colors. 

Some favorite layering combos: 

Honest & True + CCT, AW + BEB, Sweet & Gracious + CCT, Besties + EC, MG + EC, WKF + EC. 

  1. To make Hard-To-Paint colors easier: You heard that right. And it’s the best kept secret. Ever have a hard time painting those white-based hard to paint sometimes chalky shades? I can see everyone who loves polishes like HD, GH, and HGC raising their hand. Maybe your painting skills aren’t A+… yet. Maybe you’re having an off painting day (ME!). Or maybe you’re painting with a bottle that’s on it’s last legs and it needs a little support (ALSO ME). SHEERS. HAVE. YOUR. BACK! Paint 2 coats of your hard-to-paint shade, and then finish with a Sheer. I promise it’s like an instant Instagram filter for your nails but IN REAL LIFE. Just Try It. It’s Mani Magic. 

Well, after all that, if you aren’t convinced I don’t know what to tell ya. Now go, run off and PLAY because Sheers want to find their way into all your mani’s. They’ve been lonely. And you just might find they’re the best kept mani secret in your collection!

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