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Your cuticles are that clear skin that grows onto the surface of your nail plate. We like to gently push our cuticles back and buff them away. 

We believe that you should not cut your own cuticles at home unless you are a licensed professional or with one, as cutting your own cuticles can lead to injury and infection.

TIP: Cuticle training really works. Staying consistent with pushing back your cuticles and buffing them helps teach them over time to lie flat. Weekly manicures will ensure your cuticles are almost a non-factor.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Take your thumbnail and gently push your cuticles back. We don't recommend using metal tools as you can hurt yourself.
  2. If your cuticles need a little extra help, you can soften them using our Cuticle Remover from our Pedi System. Cuticle Remover helps soften cuticles so that they’re easier to push back and buff away. Apply 1 drop to the cuticle and massage on and around your nails.

After pushing your cuticles back, use the buffer to buff away the dead skin that has accumulated at the base of your nail. The buffer works as an eraser to make cuticles disappear, no cutting required. Be careful not to over buff, so as not to thin out your nail unnecessarily.

If you have any hangnails, you can use your nail clipper to clip them away, and for tough skin at the top or corner of your nails, use your file to smooth it down. The sides or top of your nails isn’t cuticle - it’s just skin. 

TIP: The #1 secret to happy cuticles is to keep them hydrated - so remember to use Cuticle Serum at least 2-3x a day.

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