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Our nail art stickers make it easy to get salon-quality nail art in minutes. Inspired by the most-loved nail art looks in our salons, our stickers are hand screened and won't blur or fade.

To use, begin with 100% completely dry polish. Stickers will not fully adhere to any polish that it even slightly wet, and will cause peeling or denting.

Remove the sticker sheet from the pack and use the clear sheet to "test” your sticker placement before you apply them. Once you've determined perfect placement, roll the sticker sheet to catch a corner of the sticker and lightly lift the sticker off the sheet.

TIP: You can also use tweezers help you take the sticker off the sheet.

Place the sticker on your nail and gently smooth it with your fingertip so there are so bubbles and it sits flat on your nail.

To ensure your stickers last, seal the them with Top Coat. Conversely, if you want to wear your stickers for only a few hours/day, skip the Top Coat and they will come off naturally.

We’re obsessed with getting creative with stickers - a half moon or asymmetrical application or asymmetrical placement is so much fun. You can also try telling a story across all your nails using the stickers as characters.

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