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Super Stars - Press-On | Extra Short | Round
Super Stars - Press-On | Extra Short | Round second image
Super Stars - Press-On | Extra Short | Round
picture of Super Stars - Press-On | Extra Short | Round

Super Stars
Glue Press-Ons

Extra Short | Round

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 A neutral mani in a round extra short shape for nails that reach for the stars.

"Stars were one of the most requested nail art at our salons and it's obvious why: they make every mani so fun!" XO SGT

  • Realest-looking fake nails
  • Lasts up to 14 days
  • Non-damaging glue

What it is:

The realest-looking fake nails in more sizes than ever for your best fit that last up to 14 days.

Why you'll love it:

  • - the realest-looking fake nails you’ve ever seen
  • -lasts up to 14 days
  • - non-damaging glue

Key ingredients:

  • - non-damaging glue
  • - press-on nails from up to 94% recycled materials
  • - UV-cured top coat

All Olive & June products are cruelty-free and vegan.

Sizing Guide

Using a ruler will always be the most accurate way to measure, but we've included some common household objects as a helpful reference!

XS is slightly longer than the diameter of a AA battery

XS pointer finger length is 13.86mm length comparable to top of a AA battery

Medium is a dime

Medium  pointer finger length is 17.1mm length comparable to a dime's width

Short is 1.5 coffee beans

Short  pointer finger length is 15.48mm length comparable to one and a half coffe beans stacked lengthwise

Long is a nickel

Long  pointer finger length is 20.9mm length compareable to a nickel
How to Use

Find your best fit. Push back cuticles and gently buff nails. Wipe with prep paid. Apply glue to the press-on nail and the natural nail. Slide the press-on nail onto the natural nail and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with remaining nails.

For the best, longest-lasting salon results, use our Press-On System.

See the application in action:



Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate

What’s inside:

  • 42 press-on nails in 21 sizes
  • Nails from 94% post-consumer recycled materials
  • Non-damaging glue
  • Wooden cuticle pusher
  • 2-in-1 file and buffer
  • Prep pad

Our 15-Free Guarantee:

We're free of 15 different "no-no" ingredients. We're adjusting our language to 15-free because we want you to know we continue to make the cleanest longest-lasting polish on the market.

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Vegan &

"This brand finally figured out how you can give yourself the perfect mani"

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