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What's an ideal daily nail care routine?

In our beauty routine dreams, we use a good moisturizer for our hands and cuticle oil on our nails in the morning and at night. We recommend applying top coat every third day.

How do I make my manicure last?

Expect your polish to last about 5 days. Aside from top coating every other day, try protecting your polish whenever your hands have do dirty – or not so dirty – work. Polish can chip from banging on your keyboard or while you’re doing the dishes. Take precautions if you know you’re going to put your polish in harm’s way.

Ugh! My polish chipped. How do I fix it fast?

Here’s the plan: Gently dab polish remover on the chip to smooth out the area, let it dry, then reapply your polish and top coat. If you’re pressed for time or don’t have your polish color, O&J Nail Stickers are the best camouflage. If you’ve done major damage, you might just have to redo it.

How do I take care of my nails between manicures?

For the best looking, longest lasting mani, apply cuticle oil daily, and apply clear top coat every third day. Touch up your color as needed.

Is there anything I can do for stronger, healthier nails?

There are so many things you can do! Supplements like Biotin or prenatal vitamins high in amino acids can really help ensure you’re getting the nutrients needed for your dream natural nails. We actually get asked this question so often that we formulated two types of Beauty Tea with ingredients including silica-rich horsetail greenery to support healthy nail growth.

What do I do if my nails are peeling?

Do make time for manis on the regular, and make sure to stick to polish; gels or acrylics could make matters worse. Over-buffing, excessive-hand washing, and exposure to some types of soaps could also cause peeling, as can vitamin-deficiencies. If you’re concerned, chat with your doctor about it.

Do I really need to take polish breaks?

If you see signs of wear and tear or any discoloration, a little vacation might be just what your nails need. While you’re on a color break, regular shaping and daily cuticle care will help nurse your nails back to health in no time.

I have to get these gels off my nails right now or I’m going to go nuts! What do I do?

First, repeat after us: I will not pick my gels off. Second, soak 10 cotton balls in acetone (yes, acetone) nail polish remover. While this is happening, buff the shiny finish off your nails. Now, place one cotton ball on top of your nail, then wrap your entire finger tip with tin foil to hold it in place. Repeat on all 10 fingers. Check to see what’s happening after 10 minutes. You’ll know you’re ready when the gel comes off easily. You may need an orange wood stick to gently loosen any remaining gel from your nail. If you’re having any issues, it’s best to head to a salon for help. Picking or peeling will definitely damage your nail. 100%. Ideally, give your nails a couple days off before redoing your gels, being sure to apply cuticle oil daily to keep nails and cuticles hydrated.

What's the best way to remove glitter polish?

Glitter can sometime seem like it’s never going to go away. The easiest, fastest, bestest way to get rid of a glitter mani is to paint over your glitter polish with non-glitter polish, wait a few minutes for the polish to bond, then wipe away with nail polish remover.

How should I store my polish?

Store your polish like you store your candy: dry, at room temp, and out of the sun. Make sure your polish bottles don’t get too hot (the heat can change the color or consistency) or too cold (which can cause the polish to crystalize). Direct sunlight causes anything with pigment to fade. Once you open a nail polish, it could last up to two years.

Help! I'm a nail biter.

The best thing we think you could do to break a biting habit is give yourself a new nail care routine. Clip and file your nails as short as comfy. Hydrate your cuticles on a daily basis. Keep a file and cuticle serum handy, so when catch yourself biting, you can give yourself a little nail love instead.