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Your Fastest
Mani Ever

5 day salon-perfect manicures without the price tag

The Quick Dry Mani System

Get the award-winning mani system that will change your DIY game

Finally: A 5 minute manicure is possible

Real O&J Manis

"I love this system! I follow the instructions on the box and I just love the results. No one believes me when I say I did my nails myself! Itโ€™s a great product."
- Lisa C.

"OMG! No more nail salons for me! The quick dry was really QUICK DRY!"
- Vanessa F.

"As great as I hoped! the entire thing is so darn cute and it works!!! It's high quality and pays for itself in just a couple pedicures."
- Robyn R.

"The quick dry system is a few simple steps and works like a charm."
- Heidi S.

The complete salon experience, captured in one box

Everything you need for:

  • Perfectly shaped nails
  • Easy polish application
  • Clean + hydrated cuticles


mani system
  • 2 Carry pouch by STASHER
  • 3 Award-winning CUTICLE SERUM
  • 4 Mani-perfecting CLEAN UP BRUSH
  • 5 Acetone-free POLISH REMOVER POT
  • 6 Straight-edge NAIL CLIPPER
  • 7 Salon-quality NAIL BUFFER
  • 8 Dual-grit NAIL FILE
  • 9 Quick dry TOP COAT
  • PLUS the 15-free quick dry polish of your choice

"Olive & June launched a quick dry product that actually lasts!"

"O&J has turned everything we thought we knew about fast-drying nail polish on it's head"

"This brand finally figured out how you can give yourself the perfect mani"