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Top Coat is essential to keeping your mani chip-free and looking perfect. We have 3 types of Top Coats at Olive & June and each is different and perfect in their own way!

Quick Dry Top Coat - this top coat dries in about 1 minute and is perfect for use with our Quick Dry Polish for the fastest polish mani ever. It can also be used with our Long Lasting Polish Colors and will help reduce the overall dry time. Just remember that pairing Quick Dry Top Coat with Long Lasting Polish will decrease the overall longevity of your mani.

Matte Top Coat - this top coat provides an instant matte effect to any polish. Apply 1 coat of Matte Top Coat over Quick Dry Polish or Long Lasting Polish and watches how it transforms to a cashmere matte finish in seconds. For the most perfect results, apply Matte Top Coat after 1 coat of Super Glossy Top Coat.

Long Lasting Top Coat - the original Super Glossy Top Coat! This gel polish top coat gives a plumpy, gel-like finish and mirror shine. When paired with our Long-Lasting Polish, it helps give you a 10+ day manicure. We like to call this one the SGT - because it's a Super Glossy Top Coat, and it's a lot like our founder - pairs perfectly with every polish.

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