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Restorative Mani Routine

Every mani needs a little mani reset every once in a while. If your nails need a bit of shaping, tidy up with the nail file. Then gently push your cuticles back using the Cuticle Pusher and buff away the dead skin with the buffer.

Rough, dry skin at the tips of your fingers is super common — simply file gently with the nail file to soften it a bit. Then dip each nail in the Remover Pot to clean up any nail dust.

Then apply Nail Strengthener and immediately follow with EC — a nourishing sheer nail treatment. Nail Strengthener absorbs instantly, so there's no dry time!

Finish with Cuticle Serum all around your nail plate and fingers. Spot treat with Cuticle Balm on the clean up brush for additional nourishing hydration. For best results, do before bed and wake up to gorgeous, restored nails!

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