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Mani 101: Shades of Seersucker

Want a perfect mani this summer? There are only 5 steps to a salon-perfect manicure with the new summer mani system.

STEP 1 SHAPE: Shape with your old polish on โ€” it helps you see the final shape better. Clip 90% of your desired shape then file the last 10%.

STEP 2 PREP: Dip each finger in the remover pot to remove the old polish, then gently push back your cuticles with you thumbnail. Gently buff anyway dry, dead skin and dip each finger in the remover pot one final time to remove nail dust and debris.

STEP 3 POLISH & POPPY: Pop off the white overcap and slide Poppy on the white innercap. Apply 2 coats of Shades of Seersucker, letting each coat dry for about 5 minutes in between each coat.

STEP 4 TOP COAT: Apply Super Glossy Top Coat to boost shine and add protection to your mani.

STEP 5 CUTICLE SERUM: Once your mani is completely dry, apply 2-3 clicks of Cuticle Serum to rehydrate your cuticles and give your mani a hydrated glow.

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