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Fix Your Cuticles Overnight

If your cuticles are feeling super dry and cracked — here's how to fix them while you sleep.

Begin by clipping any hang nails - but only clip any skin that is already hanging. Never pull or tug on skin.

Gently push your cuticles back. If you have any rough/hard patches of skin near the tips of your nails, you can file them down and soften them with a nail file.

Then apply Cuticle Serum all around your nails. Be sure to apply more than you would normally use during the day.

Apply a healthy dose of Hand Serum to the backs of your hands. Then apply Cuticle Balm all around your nails.

Then all you have to do is sleep! The waxy, balmy texture of Cuticle Balm will lock in the hydration and heal your cuticles while you sleep.

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