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TAB PRESS-ONS: All About the Wheel

Meet our patent-pending tab wheel in the Super Stick Mani. The tab wheel is the secret to the longest-lasting tab mani ever.
First you want to find your press-on nail sizes. The wheel is numbered to correspond with the sizes of our tab press-ons, so there's no guesswork to finding the right tab size. We also color coded the tab wheel so it was super intuitive.
O&J Team Tip! Before you apply your nails, we like to give each tab a squeeze to make the purple liner come off in a cinch!
To apply your tabs, peel off the pink cover sheet. Then you find the tab that corresponds to your nail size.
Peel off the small purple liner off the adhesive tab on the wheel. Center the tab cover over your nail slightly above your cuticle and gently press it onto your natural nail.
Hold it down for 30 seconds, pressing and smoothing out any bubbles to ensure it is fully adhered.
Gently peel back the wheel, leaving the adhesive tab on your natural nail. Then apply your press-on nail.
If you get lost or need help, the tab wheel also has some quick directions for you.

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