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To find your best fit, lay out all your press-on nails. Begin trying on nails to find your best fit.

Your best fit will cover the surface of your natural nail when you press the press-on down onto the natural nail. If the press-on nail touches the sides of your finger, try a smaller size - if the press-on nail sits perfectly on your natural nail without needing to press it down, that press-on is too big.

If you’re in between sizes, choose the smaller size. Nails that are slightly too large will not last as long.

Once you’ve found your best sizes, take note of the size of each nail and jot down your numbers on your press-on pamphlet. We like to snap a photo so we always have them handy!

The size of the press-on nail can be found on the back of the press-on nail, at the tip.

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