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Choosing colors for an ombré is so fun! With a little polish organization, it's super easy to create infinite looks with polishes.

Start by organizing your polishes in ROYGBIV order. When your colors are organized, you can see everything at a glance. Then organize each color from dark to light for each color.

Now you're ready to start choosing colors!

Color Selection

  1. You can choose different tones from within the same color family (pinks, blues, purples, etc.)
  2. You can choose the same level of color (pastels, darks, mid-tones, etc.) from different color families
  3. Metallics, glitters, and white make great ‘filler colors’ if you have a few colors picked out but want to add something else to the combination

Color Placement on the Nails

  1. 5 colors - arrange them from light to dark or dark to light; if they’re not in the same color family, then put them in ROYGBIV order
  2. 4 colors - dark to light (or light to dark) on pinky through pointer, then repeat the color from either the pinky or ring finger on the thumb
  3. 3 colors - dark to light (or light to dark) on pinky through middle finger, pinky color repeated on the pointer, then repeat either the ring or middle finger color on the thumb
  4. 2 colors - pinky, ring, and middle one color, pointer and thumb the other color OR pinky and ring one color, middle, pointer, and thumb the other color

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