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Be a Wildflower

Be a Wildflower

Bloom Nail Art

The key to this wild and free mani is the playful placement of the prettiest blooms possible.

  • 1. Start with freshly painted, totally dry polish. For this ultra feminine look, try essie What's The Stitch.
  • 2. You'll be applying stickers to each nail. To decide what will go where, hold your sticker sheet over each nail, moving it around to get an idea of which stickers might look best based on the size of the sticker and your nail. You can also skip this step and apply one at a time as you wish!
  • 3. Select, peel, and place each sticker, pressing firmly to avoid curling edges.
  • 4. Repeat so that you've added at least one sticker to each nail. Add multiples where you would like. Just be sure edges to not overlap. You want your sticker to stick to your polish, not each other.
  • 5. Apply one coat of The Top Coat and allow to dry completely.

Perfect for garden parties and nature hikes.

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