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What are all the things I need in my kit?

After doing thousands of manis at our salons, we narrowed our tool kit down to the essentials so you would have everything you need to give yourself the very best mani wherever you are:

File – A foam board with a fine grit. This is our favorite type of file because it works with all nail types, gently smoothing edges without fraying them, and offers the right balance of flexibility and control when it comes to shaping.

Nail Polish Remover –  Acetone or non-acetone is really a personal preference depending on how your nail bed reacts and your sensitivity to the smell of acetone. Some people prefer non-acetone because they feel like it is more gentle on their nails and cuticles. Some people prefer traditional acetone formulas because they work fast to strip the polish away. Once you are doing your nails at home regularly, you’ll see why it’s your BFF. You’ll love it even more if you use a nail polish remover pot. To use a pot, all you have to do is dip your finger into the center of the pre-soaked sponges and twist until your nail is polish-free. They are especially handy when you’re doing your own nails since you can clean up one finger at a time and won’t run the risk of messing up your mani with messy cotton balls or wipes.

Clippers –  Flat edge clipper is best for trimming and shaping the nail tip with a clean finish. It offers the most control and variation. The flat blades let you make any shape you want unlike the more typical curved edge clippers, which automatically create a rounder shape. Our manicurists swear by them.

Clean Up Brush – This is the thing you never knew you needed and will wonder how you ever lived without! Our manicurists swear by these brushes since they take care of even the tiniest specks of unwanted paint without messing with the rest of your mani. Once you’re finished painting your nails, dip the brush into your nail polish remover pot and use it to clean up any slip-ups or to define lines.

Buffer – This cute little buffer bar helps smooth and even out the edges and surface of your nail plate, as well as gently removes dry skin and hangnails without needing to snip them away. You’ve probably seen someone using a cuticle trimmer to cut away at dry skin, but when they do, they are actually leaving your nail unprotected from bacteria, fungus, and other not-so-pretty stuff. Using cuticle oil regularly is the best way to keep your cuticles healthy and looking good.